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I spent my career working in the computer industry, primarily, with a passion in business application and tool development, and strategic and product marketing, and I spent a lot of my free time writing poetry.


Work History


Retired Volunteer, 4/2011-Present

  • Focusing on my avocation of writing poems in various styles and on various topics since 1974; two compilations: confessions 1974-1981 and discussions 1992-present. In addition, I am writing a commentary on the book of Revelation since the last quarter of 2017.
  • LightWorks, Executive Director: A vocational training project of Shepherd’s Table, Inc., set up to transform the lives of our community’s at-risk population from hopelessness to self-sufficiency by providing them with a vocation in the construction of tiny houses and teaching them biblical character traits, life and soft skills, and more.   Closed 12/2016.
  • Shepherd’s Table, Inc, Board President: In November 2011 we started a food bank in Kootenai County Idaho to provide emergency food in Jesus’ Name for people in our community who are having difficulty making ends meet. We are a 501c3 nonprofit.   Closed 12/2016.
  • Shepherd’s Table @ Valley Church: In October 2010 we started a food bank at Valley Church in Cupertino CA, set up to help feed people who are having difficulty making ends meet.

Franklin Templeton Investments, 3/2005-4/2011

  • Sr. Business Systems Analyst; business data, application, and tool development; including sales and marketing campaign reporting; customer analysis, segmentation, and life cycle; reporting, analysis, and modeling; data mart development; automation of daily, weekly, monthly data builds.

Ken Gilbert & Associates, 6/1993-3/2005

  • Project-based consulting in the areas of business analysis, system architecture, business software development, business development, market development, channel development, and strategic marketing. Client companies include: Franklin Templeton (business applications, 6 months), iPolicy Networks (configuration applications), Wireless Seismic (algorithm development), Keeco LLC (forecasting and purchasing applications, 1+ years), Centigram/ADC Telecommunications (configuration tools and product management, 2+ years), Adobe Systems (product management, 6 months), Compaq Computer (program management, multiple 3-6 month projects), Hewlett-Packard (program management, multiple 3-6 month projects), NetFRAME Systems (product and channel management, 1.5 years), Sunquest Information Systems (product management, 1+ years), Mockingbird Networks (program management, 1+ years), Web-Quote (product management), WebGain (program management), FreeGate (channel management, 6 months), FlashPoint (product management), Leopard Industries (product management), Vista Communications (product management, 1+ years), and Churches Alive International (market development and strategy).

Wyse Technology, 4/1991-5/1993

  • Director, Marketing, Systems Division; UNIX-based multiprocessor systems and IBM-compatible personal computers.

Onegin Labs Inc., 10/1989-3/1991

  • Co-Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer; RISC-based graphics VLSI chipset.

Paradise Systems/Western Digital Corp., 1/1987-9/1989

  • Director, High Performance Graphics Business Unit; 8514 compatible VLSI chipset and boards.
  • Director, Product Marketing, Paradise Systems; VGA-compatible VLSI chips and boards.

Silicon Graphics, Inc., 7/1985-12/1986

  • Director, Product Marketing; UNIX-based super workstation product line.

Sydis, Inc., 12/1982-6/1985

  • Director, Product Marketing; UNIX-based integrated voice/data office automation system.

Apple Computer, Inc., 11/1981-11/1982

  • Manager, Product Marketing; Apple II product line.

Anderson Jacobson, Inc., 5/1979-10/1981

  • Product Marketing Manager; IBM protocol converter products.
  • Product Planning Manager; integrated voice/data PBX product line.

Intel Corporation, 11/1977-5/1979

  • Project Leader; data communication and networked development system products.

IBM Corporation, 6/1968-10/1977

  • Contributor and manager, large software architectures and products, including compilers, new programming language enhancements, single-pass highly optimized code generation for pipelined, parallel, and RISC processors, new hardware architectures that provided improved user/compiler environments, and network architectures and protocols.




  • Awana and AKX leader, director, and commander; a member of a college group ministry team; an adult Sunday school teacher; speaker at various churches to their men’s group ministry; community outreach via a startup food bank.
  • CityTeam Ministries as a member of the church advisory council; a volunteer in the Family and Homeless ministries; and heading up special projects for the Director of the San Jose Operations; and the key developer of a strategic business plan for a new men’s and woman’s homeless shelter.
  • President of the CCC Board of Directors. Facilitating non-profits working together to reduce duplication of effort in Kootenai County, Idaho.




Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1968

  • BS/Mathematics, specialization in Computer Science; minor in Electrical Engineering.

New York University, 1973

  • All credits (30) toward a MS in Computer Science, specializing in artificial intelligence. Work (IBM) moved me to California before I could finish.





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